Veronica Berry

January 15, 1986
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Northridge, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Veronica's earliest memories were of the times spent watching movies and going to the theater with her family. American classics such as Gone with the Wind, Love Story and the Godfather were just a few of the family's favorites. Her mother also shared an appreciation for the arts. Tyrone her father was a small Business Liaison Officer and buyer for Honeywell Avionics. Christina - Veronica's mother was the first African American National Show Host on Home Shopping Network. Following in mother's footsteps, she was intrigued by and in love with movies and the theater from a young age. Veronica constantly sought out the arts in all forms. She had been bitten by the bug. As a thespian in high school the role of Tituba in "The Crucible." was just one of her favorites. After high school bags packed she headed to New York, in pursuit her acting and modeling career. Being a bit more realistic Veronica return home at her parents request to study Business/Marketing at the University of Phoenix. Always the entrepreneur and thinking outside the box she created three successful online businesses. Even with all that done there was still a void a hole that needed to be filled. Her heart still longed for that elusive acting career. With degree in hand and her direction all mapped out for her. Lift through her yet another curve. That longing for acting took Veronica into yet another direction. Destiny pulled her back to the acting career she had longed dreamed of even as a wee child. She decided to take a class in acting and see if in fact she had what it took to make it in the business. SHOW BUSINESS- her name in lights yes she wanted more than ever now to become a performer. Veronica has just recently played (Felicia Carson) opposite Cuba Gooding Jr in Ticking Clock (2010).

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