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Reuben Langdon is a Los Angeles based Actor/Producer/Director/Stuntman who began his career in Japan as a series regular on the Japanese superhero TV series B-Fighter Kabuto, better known in the US as Beetleborgs Metallix. Later, he relocated to Hong Kong to work amongst the most famous names in the Hong Kong film industry, most specifically with Jackie Chan in Jackie Chan: My Stunts, Gen-Y Cops, and the internationally renowned fantasy adventure The Medallion. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Reuben continues to share his talent onscreen. He has appeared alongside Sammo Hung in the Martial Law series and has worked regularly on the hit TV show, The Power Ranger's. Langdon's highly technical training in multiple martial arts has assisted him both in his acting and his motion capture movements.Complimenting his success in the worlds of film and television, Langdon has performed in and coordinated a number of motion capture shoots for interactive video games including; Resident Evil: 5, The Bourne Conspiracy, Tao Fang, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, and Dead Rising. In Devil May Cry 3 and 4 he was both the motion capture actor and the English voice of Dante, the Gun/Sword toting hero of the franchise. Reuben has also worked as a performance capture actor with such respected directors as Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and James Cameron.

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