Kiko Ellsworth

January 02, 1973
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South Central, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Kiko Ellsworth is a renowned actor, soap opera star, producer, inspirational speaker, martial artist, self-defense instructor and philanthropist. One of his latest major silver screen debuts was in the 2010 film version of the legendary video game Tekken, in which he portrays "Denslow" (the man who, for the right price, can get you anything your heart desires). He's been featured in People Magazine, TV Guide, Lincoln Road, Essence, Jet, Ebony, Savoy, Upscale, Entertainment Weekly, Smooth Magazine, Soap Opera Digest and many other leading publications.Ellsworth, a former special education teacher (1995-98), frequently serves as a motivational speaker at schools. Through his life experiences, the South Central, Los Angeles native is always compelled to edify children's lives. He teaches them lessons about embracing who they are and the importance of striving for greatness. In a People Magazine interview the big-hearted actor was quoted as saying, "Children are the ones from who we'll learn our greatest lessons."Ellsworth is also the founder and CEO of InspireMe Studios, a multi-media company that specializes in Film and TV Production, and includes a New Media Design division. Furthermore, Ellsworth is a Black Belt in EKG (Eclectic Karate Gung Fu), and a Sifu in Bojuka Self-Defense Systems, specializing in environmental training, control tactics, knife assault and hand-to-hand combat defense.Under the InspireMe Studios umbrellas, Ellsworth launched Inspire Me Defense, a self-defense program designed to motivate and empower females of all ages. In 2009, Ellsworth partnered with Safe Passage Home, a non-profit organization that creates life makeovers for victims of domestic violence, and created self-defense summer camps for the organization's women.He recently partnered with the Southern California-based powerhouse Crown Jewel Studios to executive produce the groundbreaking theatrical, high fashion runway production, A Night In Paris. The event, which aims to create awareness about domestic violence, debuts on October 16, 2010 at the Million Dollar Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Already having formed a close-nit relationship with Safe Passage, Ellsworth and the Crown Jewel Studios team felt Safe Passage would make for perfect partner organization and honorary benefactor of A Night In Paris.Ellsworth currently serves as a member of the board of directors for Crown Jewel Ministries (501(c)(3).Film and Television Summary:Ellsworth has etched a name for himself, in the television and film industry, as a lead actor who elicits deep and often hidden emotions from his audience. His former role as as a series regular portraying the extremely challenged Jamal Woods on the ABC daytime drama Port Charles paved the way for a wide-range of prominent acts to follow.Subsequently, Ellsworth, who (before becoming happily married in 2008) was voted one of People Magazine's "25 Hottest Bachelors," played impactful roles on General Hospital, CSI Miami, Dexter, Crossing Jordan, Without A Trace and Heroes to name a few. Ellsworth also made headway on the silver screen with the international blockbuster hit Bad Boys 2, in which he starred alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as the gun slinging nemesis "Blondie Dread." Ellsworth considers working with Smith one of his most memorable career moments, in which he learned a great deal about his craft and what it means to be a true industry professional.In addition, over the past several years the devout martial artist has produced a variety of films, including I Am, Staunton Hill and The Will to Power. Ellsworth has also utilized his professional voice over skills in commercials such as Jeep, McDonalds, the hit video game Command and Conquer 3, and many more. Ellsworth is producing and developing three films and two empowering yet extremely hilarious TV comedy sitcoms for 2011.Ultimately, Ellsworth takes great pride in being a person of integrity whose craft is grounded in truth.

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Tekken (2010)
Betrayal (2003)

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